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What to Include on Your Wedding Website

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Ah, the time has come! You are officially engaged and now your Pinterest Wedding board can come true! The whole experience starts to feel real for both you and your guests and you can finally start your countdown until the big day. But what do you put on your wedding website? What is too much, and what isn't enough? 

Your wedding website will become a resource for all of your guests to refer to before the big day. what type of attire to wear, indoors or outdoors, unplugged ceremony? SO what exactly should you include and how do you make it personal but tasteful enough?  

What should absolutely be on your website? 

  • Who's getting married
  • The wedding date and time
  • The wedding venue
  • The RSVP date 

It might sound like a no brainer, but with the excitement of wedding planning the most basic details can be overlooked. If you put them front and center, your guests can refer back to them easily. 


Location, Location! 

Definitely elaborate on your website the venue location. Your website can be helpful to help guests scope out exactly where they are headed. 

It is definitely useful for locations that are further away, or if you have lots of guests from out of town who aren't as familiar with the location. If you are planning a destination wedding or have many overseas guests, you should DEFINITELY go in depth here. This will help them find accommodations, restaurants, and things to do around the area. Your guests are really making an effort to be there, so making it as easy as possible for them is key! 

Guests Expectations

Help your guests prepare for your wedding by setting their expectations. You can outline what to expect as far as ambiance and the style of your event. You should think of your wedding website as a tool to make sure your guests have the best night possible! 

The dress code for the day is a great example. Whether its black tie or a backyard wedding. This will help them plan what to wear and keep them from feeling out of place at your wedding. Use your website to set the scene for the day and let your guests know if they should dress it up or keep it casual. 

Also, make note of little bits of useful information. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, let the ladies know what the area will be like for proper shoe choice. Or if it may be cold or breezy advise your guests to be prepared with coats or jackets. 



Keeping track of your guests can be very time consuming! Allowing for a place for them to RSVP on your wedding website, is by far much easier than tracking them as they come in yourself.

Most wedding websites offer some form of RSVP software and track all the details for you. Don't forget that this is also where you can ask for dietary restrictions or allergies. And some websites even send reminders to guests who haven't RSVP'd so you don't have to chase them! 

Unique Situations

There are always going to be things that are harder to talk about throughout the wedding process. Whether its a child free wedding, or unplugged. You are more than likely going to hurt someone's feelings in the process. But, thankfully you can communicate these on your website, which makes sit a little less awkward. 

Hosting a child-free event you can say things a little more delicately such as: "This is an adult-only occasion". It is firm but polite and it gives your guests plenty of notice to make arrangments. 

Your gift-registry is another detail you may have felt uncomfortable talking about. Maybe you already have all you need and would prefer cash over items. Well asking for money is always an uncomfortable situation. This is a great place to do so without being upfront, maybe a clever rhyme. Or linking directly to your registry so that people have no issue with finding it. 


The Background Story 

Now, you can fill in the fun details! A cute picture of you two, and a short love story on how you met. This is important for guests who may not know you on a personal level yet. Like distant relatives or your spouses family. It's nice for your guests to be able to put faces to the name and learn more about you. 

You may even be able to briefly introduce your bridal party, your parents and your MC. This gives your guests an idea of who will be apart of the big day and to see some familiar faces as they arrive!