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The Steps Needed To Get Your Marriage License

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You are now down to the final month or so before your wedding! It’s getting all so real and exciting! Now it’s crunch time in making sure all the little details are worked out and all your ducks are in a row! Making sure you get your marriage license can be a confusing process! But don’t worry I am going to explain the steps you need to take in order to make sure you go in knowing what you are doing!


Now every state and county is different, so do take that into consideration when you are preparing. You will want to make sure you check with your counties local government website and verify you allow the correct amount of time, bring the right amount of money and the correct documents. 


Photography by Larrisa Bahr

1)    You should go to your local courthouse, in the county you are getting married in, to get your marriage license. If you are doing a destination wedding or getting married in a different county than you live in, you will want to check with them when you go in to apply for your marriage license on what extra steps they will require.

2)    It will cost money. Typically, you can expect less than $100. But some places offer a significant discount if you did pre-marital counseling.

3)    You will both need to go get the marriage license. You will both have to provide proof of being eligible and sign it before you can get it. I would come prepared with your Social Security card, driver’s license if you were divorced or widowed you will need documents proving that.

4)    Check your dates! Some places require a few days waiting period before you can leave with the marriage license, and all counties have a specific amount of time that it is valid for. Typically it is between 30 and 60 days, but double check this before you assume so that you are adequately prepared!If you are hiring a professional assistant most will take the marriage license after the ceremony and send it back in for you. Also, it's extremely important that if you are sending in the marriage license yourself that you have it in the mail as soon as possible. The courthouse only gives you 10 days to send it in, in order to receive your wedding anniversary. 

5)    And lastly make sure you mail it back! After the ceremony and the marriage license has been signed you will need to follow the instructions they provide in mailing it back so they can make you official and recognized by the state and county that you are indeed married! 


Photography by Larissa Bahr

This may seem like a lot and slightly overwhelming, but don’t worry! It really is simple and one of the final steps in getting ready for your dream wedding!