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Just Engaged? Let the fun begin!

2021 is YOUR YEAR, Lets make the most of planning!

Your Partner got down on one knee, asked you to Marry them, and suddenly your whole world changes in an instant. You are so excited about spending the rest of your life with that person but also realize, IT'S TIME TO PLAN A WEDDING!  

Before you start looking at designs, invites and vendors there are a few things to think about! 

Below I have listed some of my top questions I love to ask couples who are just beginning their wedding planning process! 

1. What is your budget?

I can't even begin to tell you how important this conversation is with your significant other or anyone contributing to your wedding. You want to know what the maximum amount of money you are comfortable spending before you look at any venues, vendors or wedding dresses. 

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Some things to think about: 

What is included in the budget? 
Will you have your wedding dress, rings, and tux included in the overall budget? 
Do you prefer to have lots of flowers or do you prefer to spend your budget on bringing in certain rentals or having an eight piece band?
These vendors alone can make a huge difference in your overall budget!
 What are your priorities?
  Is it important to allow your guests to have an experience at your wedding? 
Is it important for your guests to eat amazing food and dance all night? 

2. Put together your guest list 

Oh Man, if you plan to have a large wedding sometimes I tell clients to do this first! Figuring out your guest list is so important as it will help you understand how many people you plan to have at your wedding. Below are a couple of tidbits to figure out your guest list. 

Decide how many people you would like at your wedding. Some people prefer a smaller wedding while others prefer a larger one so it's important that you and your significant other are on the same page! Typically we see weddings guest counts as low as 75 and as high as 300. I would say our sweet spot for weddings is 125 to 150 people. 

You and your significant other should put together a guest list first, once that is done go to both sides of the families and see if anyone is missing! I like to categorize my guest list in three sections. First, those who you know are FOR SURE coming. This can be family and friends who wouldn't miss it for the world. Second, Those who are maybe's. These would be people that you think would come but they also could say no. Lastly, the No list. This would be the list where you would invite someone but you know as much as they would want to be there they just can't.


3. Is there a season you want to get married in? 

Southern California is extremely lucky as you really can get married anytime of the year. But if you live in an area where there is snow or if the forecast is a high of 40 degrees you may not want a winter wedding. In Southern California I see many weddings starting in September and ending in November. Someone told me a long time ago that Southern California's wedding is about 3 months behind the rest of the nation and I have to completely agree with this since the Fall is really Summer here. If you are looking to get married in a season that you know is extremely busy then I would heavily consider booking your venue about a year out and looking at specific vendors early on to make sure she they are available. 


4. Begin Researching Venues online 

Starting looking into venues you may be interested in getting married at before going to do a site visit! Below are some things you want to consider when looking into a venue:

Transportation | There are some venues that are stunning but getting there can be a little difficult if you don't provide transportation. If transportation is something you may need you will need to add it into your overall budget. 
Catering | Are you looking for specific food or want to bring in your own caterer? You will need to make sure the venue you are looking at allows this and there is no buy out needed. 
Booze | If you are looking to bring in your own booze you will need to find a venue that allows this. Remember if you are looking to get married at a winery most of them only allow beer and wine. 
Destination Wedding | If you are considering doing a destination wedding outside of the United States, See if they have an all inclusive package and if you will need to purchase anything outside of the package. 

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5. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER, If you budget allows

If you know that you want a wedding that is going to require a lot of attention to details, specific vendors and time that you may just not have I would HIGHLY suggest a wedding planner. Weddings are supposed to be the best day of your life and as we wedding planner we want to work hard to make sure that you are not overwhelmed, stressed and enjoying the wedding planning process! Also, now that we have experienced a year like 2020 we are here to guide you on what to look for in contracts, discuss with you the possibilities of not just Covid happening but anything happening on your wedding day. Also, wedding planners work with MANY vendors that you might be considering for your big day! This is always great as we can reach out to some of those vendors first to see if they are available but also let you know our experience with working with them in the past! 


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