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Big vs. Small Wedding – Which is Right for You?

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In planning a wedding there are so many things to take into consideration. Most women spend years dreaming of the perfect wedding, and planning Pinterest boards, but don’t take into consideration the budget, the size and location when it becomes a reality.


Deciding if you should have a big wedding or small wedding really does depend on a few things. Number one being the budget, if you can’t afford a huge wedding, then keep it simple and small. If the budget isn’t so much a consideration well, big could be the way to go or maybe a destination wedding? Well, below we have outlined the pros and cons of each to help ease your decision making!


Big Wedding:


Pro: Size of the guest list doesn’t matter. If you are worried about the guest list, or budget doesn’t matter as much then a big wedding is the way to go. You can invite all the old friends and distant relatives you want, with no remorse for who didn’t make the cut.


Con: It can be pricey. The bigger the wedding the bigger the bill, whether that is because of seating, tables, favors, food, etc. The more people the bigger the expense and that can be difficult. Thankfully most venues will work with almost any budget and size.


Pro: More gifts. This is not the reason you invite people, and some people opt out of gifts completely. But it is a great way to get started and building a house and home together. Buying those things can get expensive and this makes it easier to receive more of what you registered for.


Con: The planning requires more involvement. The bigger the wedding the more planning, that could mean seating arrangements, décor for a bigger space, you name it. But that is where hiring someone to help you can really go a long way!


Small Wedding:


Pro: The stress level can be way less. Smaller weddings can be very easy to plan. Venues are easier to find and book with fewer people. Cost is always not always a huge factor with less because you don’t have to worry about food costs and limiting options as much.


Con: Smaller Guest Lists. A smaller guest list can be offensive to some, you have to be much pickier about who you invite and cannot invite.


Pro: It can be more intimate. Sometimes an intimate wedding is just what people need. Because you are only inviting close friends and family you won’t have to spend as much time having conversations with your guests and more time having meaningful conversations and enjoying the company.

Con: Less of the “party” vibe. Since it is smaller, it can feel less of a grand event and big celebration and more of a relaxed night with close friends and family. Getting people to get up have fun and dance may be more difficult as well, just with fewer people to get up and get moving.


The budget isn’t the only factor, while a big one, when determining size of your wedding. Other aspects are just as important and things to seriously consider before starting your wedding planning process. But at the end of the day, remember that having the wedding of your dreams is different for everyone, and big or small, it will be the perfect day.