Wedding Planning Tips

Your guest book is a wedding detail that should feel special and personalized. You want your guests to leave you a sweet note, or look back and see all the friends and family that gathered for your special day. 
1. Wine Bottle Guest Book  Photo credit: The Knot
Your guests will love getting to sign these unique bottles! You can find personalized labels or create your own to allow your guests to sign for each anniversary. You can replicate it or use it as inspiration for your own wine bottle guest book idea! 

2. Yearbook Style Guest Book 
Photo credit: Erin L. Taylor Photography

A yearbook...
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So what is a first look, you may ask? Well, baring tradition, it is when you decide to see each other and typically take pictures before the ceremony. Some like this as it takes the edge off, or helps with the anxiety. In a traditional sense, you would wait until the ceremony before seeing each other for the first time. But the first look is also, becoming a popular tradition. It really is up...
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Estate wedding planning can seem glamorous and above the top! Think wrap-around porches, acres of trees or beachfront property! But it can also be tricky to navigate and lots to bring on site to make your special day happen! Especially depending on the owner’s requests and potential noise or weather restrictions. So today we will share our top 7 things to consider when planning your soiree.

  1.     Guests Lists   When planning a backyard wedding the guest list is extremely important. You will want to know how many people you can safely fit in your backyard and you will want to...
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Wedding planning can be a wonderful and stressful experience! Especially if you are in a time crunch or just want a short engagement.  Now depending on what you want this may not be possible. If you have a specific venue in mind this may not be possible, and flexibility is key if you want to plan it in a short time, or only have a short time to plan.  
 1)    Know and Have a Vision.
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You are now down to the final month or so before your wedding! It’s getting all so real and exciting! Now it’s crunch time in making sure all the little details are worked out and all your ducks are in a row! Making sure you get your marriage license can be a confusing process! But don’t worry I am going to explain the steps you need to take in order to make sure you go in knowing what...
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Yay, you’re engaged! Congrats! It’s the day you have been waiting for ages for! All your Pinterest wedding dreams will come true…until you realize how much actually goes into planning a wedding, and all the details and lists and when to do what. It basically becomes a huge feeling of overwhelm and anxiety! Well, that is the LAST thing we want you to feel when planning your happy day! So...
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Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful enough as it is. Let alone the thought of having to be everywhere at once during that last month. Coordinating the vendors, all the girls and guys in the wedding party, ushers, caterers, decorators, the list goes on and on. Not all of us were blessed with amazing event planning skills and that’s okay! Because I wouldn’t want to be...
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Planning a wedding has a fun, crazy, exciting vibe to it all. So it’s easy to forget the tiny details or remember to ask everything. Today we are going to talk about what you should absolutely ask your venue before you book with them.   The first step you need to take is understanding what size venue you need and what does your dream venue look like. Do you want outdoors, do you want indoor with big open spaces, do you want remote locations or something out more in nature? So before even going in and asking what your venue includes or doesn’t include, and allows or doesn’t...
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In planning a wedding there are so many things to take into consideration. Most women spend years dreaming of the perfect wedding, and planning Pinterest boards, but don’t take into consideration the budget, the size and location when it becomes a reality.   Deciding if you should have a big wedding or small wedding really does depend on a few things. Number one being the budget,...
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1. Getting Ready + Details
This information should be at the beginning of your timeline. I personally like to start with the first vendor that will be apart of your wedding day which is generally the Hair + Makeup gals. When you have bridesmaids, flower girls + mothers getting ready you want to work with your Hair + Makeup artist about a timeline on which girl will get what done and when. This will allow the morning of your wedding to run smoothly and each girl having something done will know what time to have hair + makeup done. I alot each girl about 45 minutes to 1 hour for their hair +...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the seventh part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," for our guide to finding and hiring your perfect photographer, one of the most crucial members of your wedding-day-vendor-dream-team!
Let’s start picking out your vendors!
 Now comes the really fun part of putting together your vendor dream-team! Between now and your wedding you will be researching, contacting and meeting a wide variety of people who might be helping your create your perfect day. Once you’ve selected your venue and maybe have hired a wedding planner, we suggest that the...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the sixth part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," for our guide to creating a custom planning calendar! We have all the timeframes and deadlines for making all of the major decisions that will go into wedding day!
I have my budget, wedding date, wedding venue… what’s next?
Let’s start planning! You now can (sort of) jump in to selecting your vendors, deciding details, creating your Pinterest boards…. Go wedding dress shopping? There really are so many things to do, it can get overwhelming quickly! So now is a good time to discuss with...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the fifth part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," for our guide to finding your perfect wedding venue! Be patient, this is our longest blog yet, but it is a step-by-step guide for narrowing down your selections and the major details you need to try and remember throughout the process.
Can we select a venue now, please?
Sorry it’s taken awhile to get here, but we see a lot of couples really dive into selecting things without thinking about their budget first. This means that a lot of times the end up really having to scrimp or eliminate...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the fourth part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," for their Ultimate Wedding Budget Breakdown (I swear we are going to stop talking about the budget soon!).
How should my budget break-down?
You have a total number, an approximate date, and you are considering a planner… you have done a lot! From here, you have 2 directions to go in: you can either start looking for a venue, or you can break down your budget into a specific categories/amounts so you know just how much you have for everything. I suggest breaking down your budget more, which is...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the third part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," on whether or not you need to hire a wedding planner right now... or saving for that dream day-of coordinator farther down the line. 
Do you really need a planner?
So you have your budget, an idea of how many people you want to invite, where you might want to the wedding, and an approximate date…...
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You're engaged, now what? Check out the second part of Grace & Gold's "Wedding Planning Series," on taking into consideration a few more things before finalizing your budget.
OK, I've got my budget set after that first conversation... let's go crazy!
Not so fast! Whether you have $10K or $100K to spend on your big day, you need to get a few more details squared away before you start dividing...
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You just got engaged… now what?First of all, congrats! This is a super-exciting moment in your life, so don’t make light of it! Pop the champagne, phone all of your friends, and put an adorable pic on Instagram ASAP! Bask in this glow for a little while, and enjoy the newness of everything.
But after a few days (or maybe weeks, sometimes it’s months), you will inevitably feel the pull to...
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