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GOLD Vendor Of The Month// Kirsten Paige Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer

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April's Gold Member of the Month is the amazing Kirsten Paige of Kirsten Paige Bridal. I met Kirsten when we did the Big Fake Wedding last year in LA and we have been friends since! Kirsten has this amazing eye for designing gowns and just recently grew her business to the Midwest! Kirsten Paige started her business in 2014 when her dad asked her "why would you want to design for someone else when you can do it for yourself?" Kirsten has a number of beautiful gowns she offers on her website.  Below are some of her amazing dresses she has designed. 



describe a Kirsten Paige bride

Kirsten Paige gowns cater to the radiant, free spirited and fearlessly bold bride. These brides are women who don’t compromise their personality and style, move mountains with their fashion sense and for women who don’t apologize for letting their true selves shine.

   where do you get inspo to create a gown

My designs are inspired by MOVEMENT through water, night skies and nature in general; nature is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. As you can see, our gowns are free flowing beauts that have a mind of their own and that is what inspires me the most!

 is there a celebrity you would love to have wear one of your dresses

A celebrity that I would absolute love to see my gowns on would be Julianne Hough. She personality is to die for and she is a total babe. Plus her dance moves would just be stunning in one of our gowns. 

your advice to brides

The advice I’d give to brides is to go with your gut when shopping for a gown. YOU are the one choosing YOUR perfect gown. Everyone’s term of “bridal” is completely different. When you try on gowns ask yourself, “Do I feel like I’m playing dress up? Or do I feel like myself in MY version of bridal?”

what do you like to do when you aren't working

When I’m not working I loveeeee to go to the movies. There is something about that fresh movie popcorn that gets me every time. I also enjoy going to the beach and hearing the waves. Especially being from the Midwest I will never take the beach for granted living out here. That where you can you can find me on my days off... getting some vitamin D!

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